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Eco-education Sites

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Eco-education Sites are designed and installed to meet the needs of the project.  From edible bike lanes, to college campuses, community parks to museum grounds, we vision, design and install custom eco-education sites.

This includes both landscape design, diversified and site-suitable plant selection with plant name tags and educational signage on many topics from biodiversity to food security, one landscape design to community development.

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site-suitable plants

We work with plant that we know will survive your climate, soil and context.  From our research and trials we put the very best edible ecosystem design together to meet your vision.

plant name tags


mini signage

If a picture is worth a thousand words then an infographic...


These visuals illuminate complex ecological systems in simple ways.  Whether it's organic gardening, urban landscaping or outdoor education- infographics show you more!

interpretive panels

interpretive panels can form part of eco-education sites in community gardens, schools and other outdoor education spaces.  

It is important to have a record of the edible diversity planted and nothing does this better than a metal, laser-etched name tag.  These beautiful tags also allow visitors to learn about the plant.  We make tags in a number of styles for our custom site designs.

"an image is a worth a1000 words"

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