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Ecological Storytelling


Zach & storytelling

Zach Loeks is an educator, designer and farmer.  He grew up in New Mexico on an urban homestead and has always been fascinated with the power of storytelling in changing the world through ethics, creativity and community.  From a young age, he was an avid listener of stories and has developed a knack for telling them.  Zach has told stories internationally in schools, libraries, camps, festivals and other venues.  His stories are rich in wildlife characters, coming of age tales and outdoor adventure.

storytelling and ethics

One of the powerful mechanisms for change in our world is the passing of knowledge from generation to generation.  The ethics of earth care, community and food heritage can be imbued in stories and rhetoric to build an regenerative culture.


storytelling/speaking workshops

Adults benefit from the process of storytelling in many ways.  Zach's workshops on Intuitive Storytelling build the capacity to tell stories on a daily basis.  This brings storytelling into public speaking, daily communication and ecological expression.

Storytelling at the Ottawa


Tulip Festival

"Storytelling is eco-cultural mentorship"

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