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Transition your land, transform your life!



Imagine picking fresh raspberries, enjoying the shade of a pear tree and pruning your home vineyard.  Eco-system design offers practical and efficient edible yard solutions.


Farms of all sizes are well suited to transition to a more diverse and profitable production.  The Permabed System offers an affordable and effective transition framework to agro-ecosystem farming.


Schools, businesses and public spaces can maximize their green spaces, reduce long-term maintenance and join the movement to a more resilient future.  Community food forests, edible bike lanes, and ecological landscaping will transform the human environment.


The Edible Eco-system Design process is about building a holistic goal for your group/family/community, assessing your environment, understanding your site, and then designing diverse & ecologically patterned planting systems for productive orchards, gardens, farms, and more.


Zach has developed The Permabed System to meet the needs of growers on all scales to maximize diverse and efficient production.  The Permabed System is a landscape layout system that emphasizes ecosystem design strategies to improve yield, reduce pests, and enhance management efficiency.

Initial Consult *Individually Available

Site Assessment *Individually Available

Eco-system Designs

*Requires steps 1 and 2


*Estimate is provided following steps 1-3.

Download Large Project Design Package Descriptions >

Jedediah shared a drawing with you
Jedediah shared a drawing with you
Jedediah shared a drawing with you
Jedediah shared a drawing with you

For Large Properties and Eco-Education Sites


Zach offers Design Packages for large farms, community green spaces, and businesses.  These include consults and design for large production areas such as orchards and market gardens or edible landscapes. 



Zach also consults with groups about the potential for Eco-education sites and works to design and develop custom interpretive panels and educational signage.  Zach builds his own eco-infographics for these sites based on your needs and vision.

Design EBCA sketch.png

"60% Design, 40% Action"

"60% Design, 40% Action"

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