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Zach will review your intake form and do preliminary research into the soil, climate, and context of your property.  He will review your goals and consider opportunities to help you meet them.  The Phone consult is focused on cogenerating a vision based on asking Zach questions and providing feedback to his questions.  If you need further phone consultation, the rate is $150/hour

Site Assessment

Zach will walk your property with you for up to 3 hours, photo documenting the site, taking soil samples, observing the obstacles and opportunities.  He will addressing and ask questions.  Includes time on site to further your vision after walk-about.  Within 3 days of the site assessment you will receice a Design Action PDF  is rendered as a pdf document highlighting key environmental, social and economic opportunities, obstacles, and your vision statement.  It outlines key potential projects. 



If you live more than a 2 hour roundtrip from Cobden, ON, then there is a charge of $.55/km, and possibly a $150 lodging stipend.  If you have a large farm, there are additional costs for time and assessment needed which can be estimated during the phone consult.


Design Package includes a property layout sketch and two project conceptualization infographics.  Your main project is your garden or edible landscape and for this you are provided with a Garden Plan.


Your two project conceptualizations are based on two opportunities you choose from the  Design Action PDF.  These projects can be rendered as separate full designs and estimated for install separately- these could include an irrigation system or a wash station design with associated material lists and action plans.


Garden or edible landscape installation takes place over up to three days.  The final price is based on the size of the area, number, and type of plants and quantity of amendments and supplies needed.  Once you complete stages 1, 2, and 3, then a Landscape Install Estimate will be drawn up to show the costs of landscaping projects.  A final "Go Ahead!" on the part of the client will result in a work order and a 50% downpayment.

Once work starts on site, another 25% downpayment is due and the remainder is due upon the final day of work.


 If you have signed up for the full package then your large plants are warrantied through the first winter, because we don't plant plants that won't survive.  If your plants die from improper care - we can offer you replacements at a 25% discount to help you out.  Remember, your garden plan will make sure this doesn't happen :)


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