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"Business planning has never before been this colorful, soulful, or needed for the times." -PETER BANE author, The Permaculture Handbook

holistic design

The Permaculture Market Garden is a visual guide to building a small ecological property from scratch.  Whether a home, homestead or farm, this book is full of tools, techniques and designs for on-the-land profit and resilence.


Build efficiency, affordability and success into your home garden using professional tools and techniques


Learn to map, layout and design a property from scratch.


Discover business management and crop design principles for agro-ecosystem profits.

"...before putting spade to earth, before pounding corner stakes into mark footers, and before calling in the well-drilling rig, take this book and work through it with your property." -JOEL SALATIN, Polyface Farm, from the Foreword

"Garden companionship starts with soil" 

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