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about Zach

Zach Loeks is an educator, designer and farmer.  He grew up in New Mexico on a Permaculture homestead, worked as a forestry researcher, then moved to Ontario where he started the award-winning farms: Rainbow Heritage Garden and Kula Permaculture Farm.  His book: The Permaculture Market Garden is about how to start a small property from scratch to become an efficient and profitable edible ecosystem.  Zach now runs the Link Hands Food Heritage Farm, a diversified living laboratory farm dedicated to conservation and research of perennial food plants.  Zach travels and speaks internationally on topics ranging from root cellaring, organic gardening, food forest design and whole farm management.

speaking partners

Zach has worked with many groups big and small around the world, sharing knowledge, growing community and inspiring change.

***Northern Gardening Series

Winter Garden Design

McNally Robinson Booksellers

 Winnipeg, Manitoba

(November 26, 2019) 

"Grow knowledge through mentorship"