The Ecosystem Solution Institute is a farm, eco-education center, and food heritage living-laboratory.  It is a productive edible ecosystem serving the regional community.  


Ecological skill building includes edible ecosystem gardening, small property design and holistic soil analysis.  

living Lab

The property is a living example of diverse abundance, including design examples for urban, suburban and rural contexts and home, homestead and farm scale.


Food plant labeling, educational signage, and community events teach the skills needed to grow your community into an edible ecosystem abundance.  Organization, diversity, and design are the key tenets of our food heritage living laboratory. 

We are building an edible botanical garden demonstrating1000s of food plants hardy to zones 8 to 1.





Our work is funded through the sale of Organic fruits/vegetables, heritage seeds, and trees and by eco-education donations. 

sustaining our work

Grow for the



"Every community starts with one garden"