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Listen to Zach Loeks interview on CBC radio in Manitoba Canada as they talk abotu his recent walk across winnipeg for food security, permaculture design and edible landscaping
Zach book the two-wheel tractor handbook review by Pam Dowling discussing small farming, organic agriculture, equipment, BCS tractors and overall look at walkbehind tractor beneftis
YES magazine review of Zach Loeks book The Edible Ecosystem Solution which looks at regenertive farming, sustainabel community development, permaculture, edible landscaping, organic gardening, homesteading

A Step Towards Food Security (WAW campaign interview)

Book Review of Two-Wheel Tractor Handbook

Edible Cities (book review)

Articles by Zach

From Rural to Sub-Urban

Zach Loeks articles with Harrowsmith magazine on permaculture, edible landscaping, gardening, homesteading, small farming and community design
Zach Loeks column on Hobby Farm about two-wheel tractor, BCS tractor, walkbehind tractor, small farm tools, organic gardening, permaculture design, edible landscaping, foodscaping, community development
Zach Loeks article on growing for market magazine on regenerative farming, reslient agriculture, agroecology, sustainable small-scale farming and permaculture

Edible Ecosystems & Microclimates

Zach's Hobby Farm Column

Transitioning to a Permaculture Market Garden

Podcasts Interview Sampling

Ecosystems, Permaculture and 2-Wheel Tractors

Zach loeks interview with Regenertive Skills podcast on homesteading, permaculture, edible ecosystem design, small-scale farming, homesteading and more
Interview with Zach Loeks on Seeds & Weeds podcast about food, culture, gardening, permaculture, edible landscaping, ecosystem design and more
Zach Loeks interview on Permaculture student podcast about gardening, farming, sustainable development, regenerative farming, permaculture, food forest, regenertive agriculture and more

Could this be the Most Versatile Tool for Homesteads and Small Farm

Five Questions with Zach Loeks

The Permaculture Market Garden interview with Matt Powers and Zach Loeks

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