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mentorship, master classes, lectures and online community!

EcosystemU provides great videos lessons online about gardening, sustainable landscape management, homesteading, urban growing, permaculture and edible landscaping


Enjoy courses on edible ecosystem design for those interested in permaculture, edible landscaping, gardening, homesteading and community development

Edible Property Design

Take Zach's Master Course on Edible Property Design.  This is a 16 module course with over 96 hours of course learning.

EDIBLE PROPERTY DESIGN is Zach Loeks master class on edible ecosystem design, permaculture, organic gardening, sustainable development, food forest design, homesteading and more.
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EcosystemU 365 is Zach Loeks mentorship program providing teachings on permaculture, gardening, landscaping, food, organic, permaculture and other sustainable land management

Mentorship 365

Zach's mentorship program is an affordable and effective tool for growers, providing fresh from-the-garden videos, exclusive chat Q and A, and specialized seasonal lectures

David Suzuki

award-winning geneticist, author, and broadcast

“In taking an ecological approach to growing our own plants for consumption, Zach Loeks provides an approach that will be vital in a warming world"

Florence Williams

author, The Nature Fix

"Where most people see lots, grass, or property lines, Zach Loeks sees the potential for dynamic edible ecosystems that can transform our cities and neighborhoods"


Jeff Lowenfels

Lord of the Roots, Author, the Teaming Trilogy


“Create a complete edible ecosystem by turning a small part of your yard into a veritable hotspot of biological diversity, regeneration, and culinary joy.”

It is FREE to register for EcosystemU!

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Also, to celebrate Zach current book tour, get 50% Off the Master Course with code "MotherEarth" when checking out!!!

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