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Zach Loeks speaking at a conference and teaching permaculture, edible landscaping and ecosystem design


Edible Ecosystem Designer / Educator / Author

Zach runs workshops and keynotes for groups big and small on ecosystem design, small farming, food security and resilient community development.

Edible ecosystem design showing food forest layers for edible landscaping and permaculture property design


Edible Ecosystem Design is about mimicry of natural ecosystems to create cultural landscapes that are edible, abundant and beautiful.


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Zach Loeks working on small farm designing edible food forests, orchards, gardens and permaculture properties for sustainable development and holistic planning.


Zach Loeks grew up on a Permaculture homestead outside Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Working alongside his family he was immersed in Permaculture design and started his own edible landscape company.  Zach received a honours degree in Human Environment and began a journey of research, practice and innovation in edible biodiversity in urban, suburban and rural landscapes.


He started an organic market garden in Ontario, serving over 300 community supported vegetable baskets for over a decade and is a three-time agri-award winning grower. He  is the innovator of edible ecosystem design, a unique system for organized biodiverse land management.  Zach has published three books on food system design and is working on his fourth.  


Zach is the director of the Ecosystem Solution Institute which helps find and fund unique edible ecosystem education sites called EPI (Educate, Propagate, Inspire) Sites, including the pathbreaking Edible Biodiversity Conservation Area (EBCA), a 100-acre living laboratory.  Zach is also a key educator at the online school EcosystemU where his Edible Property Design Master Course and 365 Mentorship Program are available.  Zach works as a designer of edible ecosystems and EPI sites in community green space, farms and homesteads and teaches widely on the subject through schools, conferences and hands-on workshops.  Zach is currently working a on a new program of walking across communities (#WalkAcrossWhere?!) to build awareness for food security, as well as longboarding and biking to help survey key spaces for transition to edible biodiversity and EPI Sites. 

Ecosystem Design Services

Zach's Books

All books are fully illustrated by the author

The Permaculture Market Garden BOOK, a visual guide to a profitable whole-systems farm business by Zach Loeks
The Edible Ecosystem Solution BOOK, Growing biodiversity in your backyard and beyond by Zach Loeks
The two-wheel tractor handbook, small-scale equipment and innovative techniques for boosting productivity by Zach Loeks

Essential reading for homesteads and farms looking to diversify their production using ecosystem design!

Introduction to the modular and scalable edible ecosystem model for transitioning your yard and community to edible abundance!

Exploration of small-scale equipment and ecological systems for edible landscaping, small farming and productive homesteading!